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​How Do I Commission a Piece of Art From You?​

The best way to commission an original piece is to go to "CONTACT" and fill out the box with your name, your email, and write what you want done (album art, event flyer, t-shirt design, music video, etc) in the subject line. Use the "Message" portion of the box to go into detail with what you want done, who it is for, and when you need it done by. If you have example photos for the subject of the piece, just email me directly at

How Much Do Commissions Cost?
Commission prices range depending on what you want done, when you need them by, and how detailed you want the piece to be. For artwork, black and white designs will run cheaper rather than a full color painting. If you give me at least a month in advance, the cost will not increase whereas if you need a piece the week of, the price will increase. For video work, travel expenses, props, work hours, and availability all go into account. A 50% deposit of the total cost of the commission is due at the beginning of the project. If you have to back out or do not have the rest of the payment once the piece is completed, you will not get your deposit back. All commissions are different in their own way and depending on the work load I am flexible when it comes to pricing. The easiest way to find out is to email me and discuss what you're working with.

Do I Get To Keep The Original Art Once it's done?

For commercial work like Event Flyers, Album Art, T-Shirt Designs, and Posters, I usually keep the artwork unless the client asks to keep it for themselves. In that case, additional payment will be needed and the cost of shipping will need to be added as well. For custom pieces like Portraits, Pin-ups, and Jacket Paintings, the price of shipping will be calculated into the final cost of the commission and no additional payments will be needed.



If there's anything else, please contact me and I'll be happy to respond.
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